George's Customs Towing


February 2024

Sara Miller
AAA gave me a 2 hr wait time,,, I called around for local to my breakdown.... George's Custom was local, gave me personal attention and understood my panic. They were extremely considerate and patient with my needs (they treated me as a friend not a stranger) and got to me within 1/2 hr. The driver was professional, quick and extremely courteous (even opened the door for me)! I will call them for myself, my family and friends!!! I trust them 100%!!!

Jayson Block
Local crew that goes (almost) anywhere and has helped me on numerous occasions, always professional and courteous.

December 2023

Todd Adams
Having your own vehicle leave you stranded in unfamiliar territory is one thing but it's even worse when it is your child headed back to college. I had to go on a road trip/rescue mission in the fog & rain. When I got there, not knowing anyone, I called MD State Police as we were on a State Road. I was given 3 referrals my MD State Police for towing companies (as to avoid a conflict of interest). I knew none of them. The 1st one I called did not answer so I left a message; 3 days later that return call has yet to be received (not that I need it now anyway). The 2nd call did not answer either and when I tried to leave a message, the voice mailbox was full so couldn't. The 3rd call was to George's Towing....THEY ANSWERED the phone!!!! 5 Stars on that point alone! They got there within a responsible time at which point I made payment and hit the road to get my son back to college. There was a garage in Jarretsville about a mile up the road but based on the recommendation of the driver, it was towed 14 miles to Dublin Service Center who turned out to be a great recommendation; again 5 Stars for this!!! Bottom line is that I was at the mercy of whoever would help and in a position to be taken advantage of but wasn't; and another 5 Stars!! It is likely we may never cross paths again so this review is in hopes that someone in a similar situation will get the same service I received. Thank you!

March 2023

DJ Smith
AAA subcontracted tow. Only recommendation: please have air compressor on board in the future.
Otherwise, the associate was fast, polite and would recommend again.

Zach Arnold
Great company that's managed and run by great people!

February 2023

Thomas Seiser
George's custom towing was easy to deal with and able to tow my car quickly.

April 2022

Ricky Mays 

 Excellent service, there's nothing these guys can't handle, winched me out of a situation

 that I couldn't get out of without their help"


March 2021

Chris Schutz

They are very nice people!  Helped me out tremendously.
Very thankful for Alisha and George.

Pasha Friedel

Professional, punctual and Quality!
George has ALWAYS been reliable, polite
and very knowledgeable of the particular job
we have needed them for!  Thank you for your service.

February 2021

David Ramsey

Professional and polite drivers and in the office
Family friendly and stress free in your time of need.

January 2021

Chrissy Guercio

Fast and reliable when I needed a tow, they did not hesitate
kept in communication the whole time.  I hope I never need
towing again.  However, they will definitely be the one I call!

William Daniels

Great service and very timely.

December 2020


Honest, reliable and very friendly. The work
the crew does at George's Custom is second to none.

September 2020

Joshua Kilburn
Fantastic place. Towed me 2 times in a month and both times they were fast and friendly.
100% recommended.

Radu Gherman
Great, friendly staff. Very helpful.

Michael Burns
Family oriented, courteous services , clean trucks

February 2020

Will Otto
***** Star Rating
Great Service!

Joy Dooly
*****Star Rating

Got stuck on the side of the road on Rte 1 North in MD with transmission problems..
.called AAA to set up for a 57 mile tow to PA. George's Custom Towing contacted me very shortly
after making arrangements with AAA to confirm.

They sent Matt to pick me up - he was very friendly and a super nice guy, which made
the hour trip fly by and it was a very pleasant experience!!

He got me where I needed to be with no problems. Very professional and friendly.
Very thankful for the service you all provided me yesterday!!
The shop also called me again this morning to make sure everything
okay and I
really appreciated that. 5 star service all the way!!!

January 2020

Maria Harmison
*****Star Rating
Fast and quick service. Friendly and would use it again

Robert Wilson
******Star Rating
Quick and fair

November 2019
*****Star Rating
Thank you all very much for your great towing and battery charging services with AAA.
You have all been at my location with the car issues I have had on several occasions
as of recent. I wanted to go to your site and let you all know. Excellent service, and thank you.
Sincerely, George Acton, resident of Jarrettsville, MD.

December 2017


On 03/24/2016 Georges Customs Towing pulled my specialized handicap van out of a hole on Churchville Road.  Darrell the employee was responding to a AAA call and did the job with no damage to my extra low under carriage.  He was extremely polite and reassuring during my encounter with him.  He took extreme caution in during his job and I really appreciated him.
Thank you for an excellent job
Darlene S 

 January 25, 2016 (Jonas Blizzard)

 Just a quick note to let you know that one of your drivers who helped us today, went above and beyond the call of duty; his name is Charlie.

We live on Heaps Road and the snow plowing that was done was insufficient for us to drive up the steap hill toward 543.  Our car slid backwards into a snow bank, and after trying (unsuccessfully)  to dig out, we knew we were stuck.

We called AAA for roadside assistance, and it was our good luck that Charlie from George's showed up.  Not only was he prompt, but he was very polite, knew what to do, and even helped us with driving on the thin ice that was now coating Heaps Road as a result of the melting snow.

This man is a definite asset to your business !   


From LisaAnne Madden

September 2015

 Hi, My name is Bob Stein, and I am the customer with the flat tire on
I95 N above RT24 yesterday. I want you to know how thankful my family
and I are for the quick service on the side the road. Having Rob
attend to the tire change was a far safer solution, given the
closeness to the travel lanes. The speed at which he responded was
also quite impressive. He was also helpful with a recommendation for a
tire shop, even going so far as to call our cell phone when he
realized we were taking the wrong exit for the shop. All in all a
difficult situation became no more than a minor delay on our way back
to Vermont. You are all real pros, and I appreciate it.Bob SteinHyde
Park, VT

April 10, 2015
Thanks for the time you took with my jeep patriot it was not the first time you came 
to my rescue you guys are great thank again.  (from Lillian on facebook)

February 23, 2015
From LisaAnne

Last night my mother and myself got stuck in a snow drift (Heaps Rd).

One of your drivers, via AAA, came to our rescue (his name was something like, "T-rex").

Just wanted to tell you how thankful we both are (it was around midnight) and how helpful, professional, kind, and efficient your driver and your services are !


My mother is 80 and I am 50+, so we really needed the help, and your driver was TOPS !

THANKS ! ! !

December 3, 2014

Good Morning, I just wanted to say "Thank You" for the fast response time when my truck broke down last night.I actually sat on hold longer with AAA to place my service call then it took for Darrell to arrive. Darrell was great!
I broke down less then a half mile from my house and my repair shop is about 15 miles away. He dropped me off at my house and took my truck to the repair shop for me since I didn't have a way home from there. For me that is superior service and is greatly appreciated and wanted to let you know. 
I've had a tow before and it was not a friendly experience from another company and was very stressful. Â
So, Thanks for Fast and Friendly Service. If any needs a Tow I will recommend your company!
Have a great day.
-- Mike

Happy Customer - 10/19/2014
Dear George & George's Customs Towing,

Blazenlady and I want to formally thank-you for our rescue on Sunday, Oct. 19th.  
What a blessing it was to have your truck/roll back pull up behind me 
during my breakdown.  I don't know exactly how long it might have taken 
for dispatch at Hagerty Plus to get a vehicle on the scene, but you and 
your rollback were exactly what was needed to get the job done.  
I am so thankful that Hagerty's worked with you to allow you and 
your fantastic truck to get me to my mechanic's garage.  
You did a top-notch job and I was very impressed with 
your equipment and your willingness to help.  
I take much pride in my 1967 Chevelle SuperSport and I would 
not have just left anyone help me get her off the roadway.  
Her repair was an easy fix as a few bolts had backed 
out of the shifter at the transmission which kept her from 
going into gear.  You are first class all the way! 


Blazenlady & Sharon Wishard
Felton, PA

Extremely Satisfied Customer - 10/1/2014

Thank you for taking care of me the other day.  Your advice was right on.  
I went to the auto parts store and they did the diagnostics you suggested.  
It appears I do have a "vampire" that's drawing a slow charge from my battery.  
I wouldn't have known what to do without your advice and could have 
spent needless dollars fixing what wasn't the problem.

And thank you also for the followup phone call later in the evening.  
Who does that anymore?  You are truly one-of-a-kind.  
I so appreciate all you have done for me and without hesitation 
will recommend you.  Thank you.

Karlen Murray

 from Dale 7/5/14 Facebook
I would like to thank the citizens volenteer fire company in fawn grove pa
as well as Georges Customs Towing for all the hard work yesterday
weither it was putting out the fire in my car or towing my car away
my 4 year old daughter and i want to thank all of you so very much
you guys just don't know how thankful
we are to be sitting here and able to thank everyone

Look i want to thank Georges Customs Towing and george himself for
 comming out and getting my car after my 4 year old
and myself got out of that burning car in
front of gross farm on 851 thanks again

woo woo, George's Custom Towing loves getting notes
from happy customers! May 2014

Outstanding Customer Service

Nadia  May 27, 2014
Great Job!
I just had my first experience with your towing company
 and cannot say enough about George, the owner.  
He came recommended to us and I, in turn, 
will recommend your company to other people.
Thank you!

Dorthy  April 2014
 Georges Customs went above and beyond. 
I called Georges Customs towing after being stranded once 
by my car breaking down and then again by another 
towing company. Georges Customs Towing sent a very professional, 
kind and caring driver named Casey to me that not only towed my car 
to were it needed to be fixed but helped me locate a rental 
car place and make sure I had my rental car on the way before dropping
 me at a restaurant. This took several hours and not once did he act like 
he was in a hurry to just dump me off, I felt like he cared. 
You don't find that much anymore. I recommend Georges Customs towing highly 
it's not just a towing company but a professional and caring one at that.
 Thank You Georges Customs Towing

Denise - March 30, 2014
Home!!! God Bless AAA and Georges Customs Towing!!!!
 I was really concerned they were gonna have to break my car 
to get it out but GCT has come to my rescue yet again! 

Jason - March 3, 2014
Well truck is down again. Engine bay has nice red tint to it. 
shout out to John Ambrose Sr. for stopping and keeping me company. 
Also shout out Georges Customs Towing for their great service.

tabitha -11/02/11
Georges was great, super helpful and nice. 
They responded quickly and even listened to my whining 
because I'd just wrecked my car. If your in the market for a tow this is the way to go!

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