George's Customs Towing


OPEN 24/7  Monday - Sunday 
Emergency Roadside Assistance

Established in 1986, George's Custom Towing provides towing services to Harford and Cecil County in Maryland and York County in Pennsylvania.

We also travel long distance to wherever our services might be needed.  Most recently our fleet of trucks were in Staten Island, NY assisting the community that had been ravaged by hurricane Sandy. George's Custom Towing also took part in the relief efforts of 9/11 and hurricane Katrina, which devastated New Orleans and surrounding areas.

It takes team effort.
George's Custom Towing has assembled a team of professional,
valued employees who are passionate about the work that they do.
Our team offers our clientele the very best in customer service and care.
A tree is known by it's fruits; a man by his deeds.

Owner, George Feilinger
 Receives the American Towman Medal for his
Simple Act of Bravery

For two days in October, in Delta, PA off 74, Roseanne Marie Rice lay 
in the mangled wreckage of her Jeep after it had struck a tree and
plunged into a ravine, clogged with thick vegetation in 
Peach Bottom Township.
With a gash on the side of her head, she drifted in and out of
consciousness, her right foot pinned in the dashboard that had been
twisted around her.  It was when family and friends finally spotted 
Roseanne's Jeep, that George Feilinger came by in his tow truck at 5pm, as
night approached.  Also an EMT, George hiked 50 feet down the steep 
incline of the ravine.  He was able to enter the Jeep through 
the rear window and withhis body pointing downward, 
making his way to the victim.  There he comforted her 
until rescue personnel cut off the top of the Jeep.  They put
her on a backboard and collared her.  Then a human chain - George and
many others carried Roseanne on the board up the ravine to a waiting
ambulance.  At Lancaster General Hospital, a blood clot was removed from
the right side of her head.  Today she continues to recover.