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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Did you know?

Some interesting facts about Maryland:

State Bird:  Baltimore Oriole
State Reptile:  Diamondback Terrapin
State Fish:  Rockfish Striped Bass
State Crustacean:  Maryland Blue Crab....ooh, yummy!
State Insect - Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly
State Dog - Chesapeake Bay Retriever
State Flower - Blackeyed susan
State Tree - White Oak

The state flag of Maryland was officially adopted in 1904. 
 It is the only US state flag based on British heraldry 
(the coats of arms of noble families). The flag's design was based 
on the coat of arms adopted by George Calvert, the first Lord Baltimore. 
The alternating yellow and black are from Lord Calvert's family shield; 
the red and white design is either from Calvert's maternal family, 
the Crosslands, or his wife's family, the Mynnes.

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