George's Customs Towing

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Only your tow truck driver knows!

You know the old saying "everything but the kitchen sink"
is in my pocketbook!!!
Exactly when did that extend to our personal vehicles too?

Men have man caves and woman have their cars - where
we keep everything and anything we may need to have with us.
A change of clothes, extra shoes, umbrella, personal papers,
a vehicle emergency kit (that we've never opened).  Let's not
forget all the stuff we keep for the kids too...........just in case!

Have you noticed that vehicles have more and more hide away 
compartments, pouches, trays, pockets - just
for our stuff!

Do I care if only the tow truck driver knows..........

We've seen it all!

George's Custom Towing
Whiteford, MD