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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mid-Week Renewal

For men and women
A must stress relieving Spa night.

I truly dislike being fussed over but really like the idea of a 
Spa, I made my own.

Usually mid-week, I'll run the tub adding some sea salts.  The salts help
to remove toxins from the body helping to make you feel better overall.
After the bath be sure to drink plenty of water to help with the continual
release of toxins.  Try some cooling cucumber slices on your eyes or a little mud
pack on your face. Of course fill your tub with bubbles!

For the "spa" part.............yes, bring a cocktail or a nice cup of tea 
and some scented candles to lift your mid-week mood.

You'll sleep like a baby, feeling rested and renewed to get through the
rest of the week.

hum............are you feeling better yet?

Take care of YOU!

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