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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New Car Buying Part Two

It's been one week since I've been driving my new car
and I've been back to the dealer three times.........and
they're not too happy with me!

So there I was with my shopping cart at the rear of the car
when I realized that there was no keyhole on the rear
hatch - actually there are no keyholes on any doors
except the driver's door. Future electrical nightmare
comes to mind.

Seems I'm supposed to click the fob twice to open all the doors!
wow, much has changed since the last time I bought a car in 2000.

I was nearly killed on a road that had no where to pull over.  All I did
was turn on the defrost and the entire window turned white, I just couldn't see
anything and was banging off curbs.  So I stopped completely dead on
this very busy roadway.  Later on I happened to lower the
visor and there was this IMPORTANT message "when using the
defrost you must open the vent to allow outside air in"...........ok then.

The best was when I was driving around town and I noticed
that the temp gauge kept bouncing and climbing in temp.  I
thought for sure I was over heating.........only to be told
by the dealer "that's the temp outside lady"................ugh!

I guess it's time to read the manual.  Oh, there was a time
when cars seemed so uncomplicated!

By the way my brother commented that my car
looks like a lego block, so I'm feeling just a little self conscious.


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