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Thursday, January 29, 2015

of Drones and Men a drone landed on the White House lawn, what's next?

About a year ago Amazon announced they were working with drone technology
for shipping packages in the future.

Next I started to see advertisements for cars that have their
own quadcopter on board.

Now it seems there are personal drones available at an affordable price
and guess what...........they can land at the White House!

I can truly see the benefit of a drone in the commercial sector and
I can also see the possible danger in the private sector.

Imagine a multi-vehicle wreck and we're able to send our drone in
to scope out the scene and immediately identify the equipment we
need to save lives.  This is a good thing and perhaps towing companies
should really consider this technology; 
aerial photography offers many viewing options.

On the other hand, there's that thing called "invasion of privacy". 
I can see how good technology can easily be mis-used for naught.

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