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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Not to drone on

Not to drone on about drones..............but, did you see that the FAA
gave the green light to Amazon for testing drones to deliver packages?

This will open the door for so many other industries
that can use this technology.  First Responders come to mind, 
of which Tow Truck companies are part of this group.

So, who exactly coordinates all these flying drones in our air space
from a multitude of industries?  
What's good for the goose is good for the gander-
if Amazon can use this technology then so can
every other big business entity.  Don't you think?

Not that I have any insight whatsoever into the specifics of "how" and
"why".........but my imagination has run a mock!

Why use drones for shipping?
Doesn't this by-pass UPS, FedEx and the US Post Office?
Is that a good thing?

So when you place an order with Amazon are you
agreeing to having your picture taken when an item is
delivered.  I'm assuming that's one of the perks for Amazon in
using drone technology.  Proactive loss prevention for Amazon, 
invasion of privacy for the common folk.

.....and, does the Drone ring your door bell or knock on the door? hum

Well, keeping my eye on this trend and of course
this is all my own personal opinion.

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