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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

National Doughnut Day

Celebrate National Doughnut Day, the first Friday in June!

Powered, glazed, iced or filled, doughnuts come in many delicious forms.
So it's no surprise tht they have their own holiday - National Doughnut Day,
held the first Friday in June.  But there's more to this day than just doughnuts.

During World War I, Salvation Army workers, many of them women, traveled
overseas to provide aid and comfort to U.S. servicemen.  In addition to
writing letters, mending clothes and serving home cooked meals, the
volunteers prepared fresh, hot doughnuts for soldiers on the front lines.

Although the doughnuts were a welcome treat for hungry troops on limited
rations, their main purpose was to provide cheer and a taste of home.
The fried confections were a hit with the men, who began referring to the
Salvation Army volunteers as "doughnut girls" or "doughnut lassies".
Over time, the doughnut became a symbol of the organization's service
to the military.

In 1938, the Salvation Army held its first National Doughnut Day in
Chicago in order to raise money for social service programs during the
Great Depression.  It then continued its tradition of serving doughnuts
to troops in World War II.

Today, the holiday is a celebration of both the delicious treats and the
volunteers who served them to soldiers in battle.  Many doughnut shops
hand out free doughnuts on this day, with some encouraging patrons to
make a donation to the Salvation Army in recognition of the day's origins.

Yes, you can eat donuts on's for a cause!

At George's Custom Towing we're all for tradition!

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