George's Customs Towing

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Life is Fragile.

One of our own employee's, friend and co-worker Bill Reick had
a massive heart attack requiring emergency triple by-pass surgery.
As of now he's in stable condition, with his eye on the healing journey ahead.

Bill is the bread winner for his family and this medical emergency has
put him and his family in a perilous situation.  It's hard enough having to
worry about your medical condition and quite another to endure the
financial hardship that's surely to arise.  

Prayers for Bill at this time would be most appreciated.  We're also requesting that 
our extended family here submit donations to ease the financial hardship that lay
ahead for Bill and his family. 

We're so proud of our team at George's Custom Towing!  Each
member gave $100.00 towards helping Bill's Family
during this trying time. Talk about compassionate hearts at work!

If you're able to contribute in any amount please call Alisha 
410-452-8970 or send by mail
2325 Whiteford Rd.
Whiteford, MD  21160

Thank you so much for your support.  Life is fragile.