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Thursday, October 15, 2015

On the Road

On the Road with
Pulling for a Cure

We truly had no idea the impact this vehicle would have on the community.
Every single day we meet someone with a story, their personal story
of how cancer touched their lives.  We hear about the groups that are
working so hard for funding.  All of the stories really tug at your heart.
Stories of young children and children's cancers that we rarely hear about.

Our Pulling for a Cure work vehicle is meant to represent
anyone with cancer - every group.

At George's Custom Towing we are committing a donation
from our company every quarter to a local cancer group
or to a specific individual in need.  This is our way of
giving back to the community.

Everyone has been touched by cancer, whether personally or through
family and friends.  It's time for a cure and we're.........

Pulling for a Cure

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