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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Uninsured Motorists

I came across this article this morning about cracking down
on uninsured motorists  Article.

People don't often think about the other guy not having insurance........
until your vehicle is involved in an accident
with an uninsured motorist.

Well, it happened to me many years ago and let me tell you
it was a hard lesson to learn.  At the time I was driving
a brand new vehicle, with a 60 month car loan to boot.
This guy came out of nowhere, barrelling into my front end
sending me spinning in the middle of a major intersection.

This motorist was uninsured!  The only thing that saved
me is that I had just added uninsured motorists insurance
onto my State Farm policy.............just in case.

Well it most certainly helped me at the time and I've continued
to carry this uninsured/underinsured additional
insurance, and yes it's expensive.

Now would be a good time to review your policy, icy
roads and snow could very easily set you or
the other driver in a spin causing multi-vehicle

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