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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Muscle Cars and Drive Ins

Oh, there was a simpler time in our lives going back some years.  
A time of muscle cars and drive-ins!

This article caught my eye this morning, it just reminds me
of a more peaceful, uncomplicated time in our world.  Fits right
in with today being International Peace Day.

Blast from the past

According to popular folklore, the first curb service drive-in restaurant in the 
United States was Kirby's Pig Stand, which went into business Sept. 29, 1921, in Dallas, 
just 13 years after Henry Ford opened his first factory to manufacture the Model T.

..........and today people continue to perfect and re-store
muscle cars from the distant past. Keeping a piece of
memory in the here and now today.

........and we transport low riders, taking care of your
precious cargo.

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