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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Baby Boomers Say No to Sports Cars

The blogosphere buzz  the past few days has been about
Baby Boomers turning their backs on sports cars 
and opting for larger SUV vehicles.

Could this be about comfort?

Feeling the Sales Pinch

Sales at Ford Mustang are down by a whopping 32%! 

Followed by the Chevy Corvette down 14%
and the Chevy Camaro down 11%. 

These are some serious drops and it seems the
next generation just can't pick up where the 
Baby Boomer's left off.  

It will be a sad world not to see a Mustang or two
hurling down the road.

As far as we're concerned, be it an SUV, sports car
or vintage vehicle..................we tow them all!

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