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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Tow Truck Driver Finds Dead Man

............this is getting over the top serious.  I remember recently reporting
here about an injured toddler that was discovered in a wrecked vehicle after
the tow truck had towed the damaged vehicle from the scene of the accident.

Last week it happened again.  Highway patrol called in a tow truck to
remove a wrecked vehicle from the accident scene.  Tow truck company tows
the car back to the lot, opens the vehicle door to put the vehicle in park
and sees "legs" protruding out from under the blown out airbags.  


and more

Well, this sounds like a wake up call for the towing industry.
Be ever vigilant! You may want to spend just a few
seconds more checking out the vehicle you're towing
to prevent the shock of your life.

..........and NO, I don't believe this responsibility
should be on the tow truck driver.  
But it seems mistakes are happening, so be aware.

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