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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Philly Towing Law Now In Effect

Philly Towing Law Now in Effect
This is not good..........for the people.
For towing companies.
For the police department.

Wow, what are the powers that be thinking in Philly?

The Law is this:  
Vehicles must now be ticketed by police
before they can be towed from privately owned lots
In real time this means:
Several tow trucks waited 2 hours in a
private parking lot for police to come.

So..........people are now going to get hit with a ticket + towing
charge?  Double whammy!

Tow truck companies will suffer loss of business if they need to
sit around in private parking lots waiting for the police.

I'm sure that the police department has many crimes to solve and
don't have time to be running around to private lots all over the
city handing out tickets.

So, who benefits........who gets a piece of the pie?  
The City of course.  

There is the possibility that this new law will be the deterrent for
people to do the right thing and not illegally park.  Or this new law
could in fact put tow truck companies in danger.  What are they suppose
to do, block a car until the police come?  Not good.

We're just trying to provide a service.

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