George's Customs Towing

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Summer Pet Care

We love our pets and they love us!
So let's be sure to take care of them this summer.
Heat and humidity are sweltering for us and them!

It takes approximately 30 minutes for a dog
to become overheated and possibly a fatal situation
in a closed car - which becomes an oven, reaching
temps above 115 degrees.

Please, please.........should you lock your keys in
your car take immediate action.  If you call
George's Custom Towing, be sure to tell us of your
situation so we may get to you as quickly as possible.
We have pets too and love them just like you do.

Here are some quick summer dog safety tips:
- Do not walk your dog on hot asphalt............ooh, hurts their
little feet.
- Do not shave your dog, they get sunburns too!
-Check your dog for ticks
-Provide plenty of water

Does your dog have heat stroke?
Any signs of nausea/vomiting, dehydration, loss of
consciousness, stumbling, heavy panting, bright red tongue
or brain damage...............please rush to the Vet!

Helpful tips from George's Custom Towing
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