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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Tow Trucks and Dashcams

It's really difficult for a service business to have to be in defensive mode to
protect themselves but unfortunately that is the way of the world today - I'm not
saying that's alright, it just is.

So why not use the technology that's available to arm yourself.

A driver abruptly stops, slamming on his brakes
 for no reason - although he did tell the police officer
that he stopped because another car stopped
in front of him. This caused a tow truck, that
just happened to be there to slam into
the driver.

Insurance Fraud 
The supposed victim shows up at a medical
clinic claiming he was injured when a 
tow truck rammed into his vehicle. He makes
a claim with his insurance company too!

The tow truck company produces dashcam
evidence that proves this man was trying
to stage an accident to collect insurance

The use of dashcam technology cleared
the tow truck company of any negligence.

wow, it's starting to sound like something
out of a movie.......

Tow truck companies should consider using dashcam
technology to protect their employees and
protect their business.

It's not personal.  It's business.

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