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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Quickie Oil Change

Following my own advice to get an oil change for the New Year off I went to my
local quick oil change establishment.

I was so surprised to pull right into an empty bay with six workers mulling
around.  Perhaps these were trainees, not sure.  My usual 10 minute oil
change turned into a good 25 minutes - and I didn't understand why
until I was back in my car.

The last time I had an oil change I watched as two workers ruffled
through my glove compartment trying to locate the heppa filter
for my ac unit.  Oh yes, this is the new "up-sell" item.........$25 here, there
and it all adds up.

So sure enough they were at it again, digging through my glove 
compartment.  But they have now added a new trick........

When my car was returned to me I noticed immediately that my
dashboard lights were off.  So I called over a tech and asked what was
going on.  "Oh, when they were trying to set an oil change
reminder in your computerized system, they must have turned off
the dashboard lights"..........

ok, what?  Yes, I lost it!  Maybe there are some who would like this flashing
"change your oil" light on their dashboard - but I am not one of them!
I got really upset that they would attempt to do this without asking me if
I wanted to be notified.  I got upset that they think it's ok to mess with
the electronic computer system on my car.  I got upset because this is
yet another upsell tactic to get people back into their establishment.

It's been about a week since this happened and I'm still fuming over it!

............all I wanted was an oil change!

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