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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

EMS Update

.....the continuing saga of my new 2015 car.

So I've been driving my new car 3 months now and well, there was a problem
that I didn't even know was a problem until I mentioned it in passing to a friend.

I was shocked when he said "a brand new car shouldn't be doing that"...........ah hello!

What was happening was that everytime I would be stopped at a long
red light my car would start bucking, almost as if it was
going to stall out but never did.  There was tremendous
pressure coming through the break pedal and I seriously had
to hold my foot on the petal to stop the car from going forward.

What do I know............not much about these new electrical systems!

So off I go to the dealer.........who patiently listened to my grunts and
description of what was happening.  Three hours later I receive a call to get my car 
and the dealer says You were right!

They did an EMS update and all is fine now!

When my brain started to work after I dropped off my car at the dealership,
I immediately hit google looking for recalls on my car.
Sure enough there is a problem with my vehicle, seems there's been
20,000 complaints and minor accidents due to the gas pedal and
break pedal being too close and your foot gets stuck in between -
YES, this has happened to me a few times.  When I returned
to the dealer I told them to make a note on my record that I
too was experiencing this problem.

One must have eyes in the the back of their heads these days,
who would have thought!

Well, if you get stuck and need a tow to your vehicle
dealer be sure to give us a call.........

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