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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Testing, Testing

Did you see/hear the emergency alert?

FEMA tested an Emergency Alert message on Monday
March 30, 2015 that scrolled
across the TV and was blasted on radio stations in the
following States:  Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland,
Massachusettes, Rhode Island, Connecticut,
New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia
and Washington DC.
Image from Wikipedia

They did another test Nationwide on April 1st
at 2pm.  I missed that one too!

For some reason there's very little talk about this,
although I did find this article:

So, can we talk shades of bomb drills
from the 60' you remember?  Although a
youngster at the time, I clearly remember crawling under
a desk as the booming school alarm rang
through the hallways.  

Surely sends chills up your spine.

I haven't really heard a very good explanation
about these alerts.  Something about the President being
able to talk to the people nationwide from wherever he
is.............the lingering question is, what is the message?

April 2015, here we come.........

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