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Monday, February 8, 2016

Lady Gaga Scored

If only, if only the game had the same emotion as Gaga's rendition of 
our National Anthem.

Unfortunately I decided at half time to call it quits, it appeared to me
that there was much sloppiness going on and quite alot of
mean spirited activity. Did you see the Bronco's guy grab the
face helmet of the Panther's player.................what's that?

As we all know it was the Bronco's that pulled it out with
a score of 24 and the Panther's never moved from the 1st qtr
score of 10.  What was that move anyway...........climbing over all
the players for a touchdown?

and then we had the ads..........

ok, maybe it's just me...........but nothing left a lasting memory!

Oh well, the 50th Super Bowl has come and gone.

and here it is Monday morning and we're back on the job
bringing quality service to our customers.

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