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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Tow Truck Driver Appeals

Across the country we're hearing the same thing over
and over again, people are not stopping for tow trucks.

If you see flashing yellow lights you're supposed to stop 
or MOVE OVER to the next lane.

Here's another story out of Michigan:

Gimme a break: Tow truck operators say drivers come too close

HURON COUNTY — Slow down.
The two words have been pounded into our heads since driver’s training.
But officials say signs, cones, barrels, lights, barriers, traffic controllers and other means sometimes aren’t enough for people to heed the warning and move over for emergency and tow vehicles, which is also inked in Michigan’s “Move Over Law.”

“Slow down, just give us room to work, that’s all we’re asking,” said Bill Simmons, who owns Oak Beach Auto Repair in Port Austin. Simmons called the Tribune this week, frustrated.
He said it was bright and sunny with good visibility when he arrived to tow a vehicle out of a ditch on Caseville Road on Thursday morning. The road was icy. Cones were out and his lights were on, he said. The winch cable between the tow truck and the car was in the road.

“We just had someone hit our cable,” Simmons said. “It scraped the roof of their car.”
He said the car never stopped. So he called police.


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