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Monday, April 25, 2016

AARP Smart Driving Program

This article from AARP hits close to home as I witnessed my father
going through the pains of  having to stop driving.  ARTICLE

Actually the Smart Driver program helps seniors stay on the
road.........literally.  With tips and tricks to keep the senior safe
as well as everyone else on the road.

But there are tell tale signs of when it's time to
stop driving - and my father had every single one,
leading him to make the decision on his own to
step out from behind the wheel.

10 Signs that it's time to limit or stop driving:

1.  Almost crashes, with frequent "close calls".

2.  Finding dents and scratches on your car,
mailbox, fence, etc.

3.  Getting lost in familiar locations.

4.  Having trouble seeing or following traffic signs.

5.  Response time not being what it used to be.

6. Misjudging.

7.  Experiencing road rage.

8.  Distracted on the road.

9.  Hard time backing up.

10.  Multiple driving tickets.

Full article here:  INFO

Keeping it safe on the road

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