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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August, Here We Come

Did you know it was "National Simplify Your Life Week"..........and today is
also Watermelon Day!

Think of simplifying your life as a spring cleaning, which can be done
at anytime of year.  
Remove clutter, get organized.

.......and remove chatter, stay focused!  
We can get pulled in so many directions when we don't 
allow ourselves to say NO!
You don't always need to say no, but you do need to keep 
your priorities straight so that you can have time to 
enjoy your life!

Free up time for your own dreams! 

 ooh, cool down with some juicy watermelon in
honor of watermelon day (who makes this stuff up)

In truth watermelon is great for those hot summer days.

Be kind to our tow truck know it's hot
outside and our guys work really hard all year round
to provide the very best in service.  

A slice of watermelon goes a long way........

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