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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Philly Tow Scam

Come on now guys............this has got to stop!  In this age of technology
everything is becoming transparent, people are watching and recording.....
and placing videos on youtube for the world to see!

Seems there's a tow truck company in South Philly that has a scam
going on; it's hard to argue when there's actual video footage of the scam going on.  
People are fighting back.

Seems to be a "movable No Parking sign" that this company uses
to bait drivers into a parking spot.  Someone parks their car, the tow company plops 
down a No Parking Sign and then tows away the car.

Seems it's been going on for awhile and there's a guy in an
apartment overlooking this scam location and well he's been keeping tabs.

This stuff reflects on the towing industry.  We can't let one rotten apple
spoil the barrel.  This scam company should be held responsible for
their actions.

Brighter days ahead!

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