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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Cow Towing Update

PETA stepped in an awarded the Oklahoma Fire Department the
Compassionate Fire Department Award
and Car Care Wrecker Service was awarded the  
Compassionate Action Award

It's a beautiful thing.........
Story Update
Original Story 

This story brings to mind all the un-sung
heroes of the world - all the stories
you don't get to hear.  But really it comes
down to knowing in your heart of hearts that
you did good, that you brought a kindness or
goodness into the world, even for just a moment.

In the towing industry we get to witness humanity up
close and personal, on a daily basis.  As a service business,
it is our job to rescue the stranded.  Even though this is
a paid service we still come face to face with varying
amounts of fear. A huge part of what we do involves
compassion for our fellow man.  Sometimes the fear is
palpable; a single woman stranded in a snow drift - she
could be our mother, sister, aunt or friend and that's how we
respond, putting the fear to rest.

We rally on day after day..........

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