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Monday, January 30, 2017

Heart Warming Monday

Here are two heart warming stories to start your week off with a smile.

Superior Towing out of Gainesville, Fl has teamed up
with Grace Marketplace to provide bikes for
the homeless. 

Charity Begins at Home
 An elderly woman's car broke down along the side of the road,
the police officer informed her that she would need to
get towed and she would also need a new tire. The
woman  told the officer she wouldn't have any
money until her social security check arrived.
The officer offered to pay the fees............until
the Towing company waived the fees for the towing
and the tire company offered a free tire.


Goodness in the exists!
We love that we're part of an industry, a service business
where we too can make a small difference in the lives
we come in contact with during our day in the field.

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