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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Oh the trucks!

Oh the trucks..........

Holy &^@(*#&*!&*(!&.....are you kidding me?

It seems that my entire 20 hour road trip had me 
sandwiched between four massive trucks
that would not let me pass..........they
wouldn't let each other pass either.
What's that about?  I always thought there
was this breaker, breaker brotherly love
thing happening with truckers.  

When you're traveling along I95 you
get to know the vehicles and trucks that
are traveling with you.  So I had my eye on
what appeared to be a family in several vans
traveling together...........and can I say I was
shocked when they pulled over to the shoulder,
all five vehicles right at the edge of an exit.
Hello, are you crazy!   

This would be an instance for a pile up, worse
this would be a nightmare for an emergency
crew to get to these vehicles without putting
their lives in jeopardy.  

I saw some wild moves during my journey.....
you know, the people that pass on the right
leaving your heart in your stomach or the
people that pull off onto the shoulder and
swing open the driver's side door right into
on-coming 80 mile an hour traffic........
without a care in the world! 

Then you have the trucks that travel 
together four in a row............with that
kind of weight and momentum they
could never stop!

Having taken this trip I really have an
appreciation for the battle tow truck
companies are up in arms about it. It's
dangerous work and enforcement of the
Move Over Law in every State is imperative.

Tow Lives Matter
(check this site out on facebook)

We love our job, we love helping
people.  We want to LIVE.

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