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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Stayin' Alive on I95!

Stayin' Alive on I95

Holy #$%%#^^&*&............are you kidding me!

I am by no means a seasoned traveler, but I have
taken many trips along the east coast.

The past two days I drove from New York through
New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia,
North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia
and landed to my destination in Florida.

wow, it was an eye opening experience.......

 First off kudos must go to the State of Florida!  They get
a gold star!  When you enter the State there's a large
gold and white sign:

It's Florida Law
for Stopped Emergency Vehicles

These signs are scattered down the I95 corridor of Florida.  
Not only that, they also have electronic reader boards
announcing when there's a disabled vehicle
giving you a heads up! 

Unfortuntely I cannot say the same about the rest 
of the States that I traveled through.  There were so many
areas along I95 that it would be impossible to pull know, the States that have yet to
widen the roads.  I can see how this can be
so dangerous for a motorist that pulls onto
the shoulder and even more dangerous
for the emergency vehicles that are trying to

I'll save my Mac truck experiences for another
post........let's just say I prayed all the
way to Florida.


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