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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Rest In Peace Tow Brothers

January 29,2018

29 days in 2018 and we have already had 8 tow truck drivers killed 
while working along side the road. 8 men who took time away from their 
own family and drop what they were doing to come rescue someone
 who was stranded. A complete stranger. 8 men who will never go 
home to their families again. 8 men who lost their lives due to 
someone not moving over or slowing down for them. 

Please everyone our lights are not for decoration. 
We all have families to go home to. 
We might be in your way today but tomorrow it might 
be you or one of your loved ones we are getting out of a 
unsafe situation. Give us the space we need so we 
can load and get out of there.

Rest In Peace Tow Brothers. Please Share!


This letter is from K & S Towing and is making
it's way around the internet.

See yesterday's post about the killing of Michael House, he
worked for K & S Towing.   These roadside killings touch
the lives of everyone.