George's Customs Towing

Monday, November 30, 2015

Don't Get Stuck, Get AAA!

AAA/CAA Preferred Provider
George's Custom Towing
Whiteford, MD
Serving Harford, Cecil and York County
for more than 29 years.

The AAA basic plan provides roadside emergency services.
Giving you and your family peace of mind, security and safety.

AAA will rescue you in any vehicle, even someone else's

  • Broken down? AAA will repair you at the roadside or tow your car.
  • Dead battery? AAA will jump your battery or replace it on the spot.
  • Flat tire? AAA will change it.
  • Out of fuel? AAA will bring gas.
  • Locked out? AAA will get you back in your car.
  • Stuck in the mud? AAA will pull you out of a ditch or mud.
  • In someone else's car? AAA will come rescue you anyway.