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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Employee Spotlight

I thought this was such a heartwarming story and wanted
to share with all our readers.

Darrell Kinder is a top notch tow truck driver at George's Custom Towing and
we so appreciate all he does.  Especially when he goes out of his way to
accommodate customers. 

Sometimes we hear about all the good he does and sometimes we don't........
so, thank you Mariah Kinder for sharing the beautiful notes 
your husband has received from happy customers.

Mariah posted this on facebook:
I get messages like these from time to time. It really makes my 
heart happy to know that my husband has helped someone in their time of need. 
It may seem silly to someone that has never been broken down before, but it's very stressful. 
I save all the wonderful things people say about Darrell and these are just a few. 
He's such a good man and I am proud to call him my husband.

Look for Darrell around town driving our pink tow truck, 
Pulling for a Cure!

Happy Employee..........Happy Customer!

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