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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

On your way to Grandma's, MOVE OVER

Another Near Miss
Our employee Charlie Young was assisting a customer along I95
last night when an on-coming vehicle forced him off the road.  He literally
had to jump into the bed of his truck to protect himself from getting hit.

Charlie is one of those guys with a smile that brightens up a room.
He's also a son, brother, husband and father. 

 People need to know that there's a hefty fine that comes along
with the Move Over Law - a law that protects first responders, including
tow trucks.  Be prepared to pay a fine of $500 if you're caught. 

The Holidays are Here
People are driving like crazy; going through red lights, taking chances -
putting you and me at risk.  This is a weekly reminder post - 

The law states if you see a tow truck driver on the shoulder, 
you must move into an open lane away from the tow truck 
or slow down to a safe speed.

This is the same law protecting first responders; police, 
emergency vehicles and now tow trucks.

As we approach the holiday season let's all be more aware
on the road.

Let's keep it safe for 
Tow Truck Operators and all first responders

George's Custom Towing
Whiteford, MD