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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Life Happens.

The dispatcher sends the tow truck driver on a call.  
Next thing you know the driver is saving a life.
It happens and it happens more than you know.

We're in the service business and our business is People.
People like you and me, just going about our lives and
then Life Happens. 

On a routine call, tow truck driver Eric Ahumada came
face to face with a customer about to have
a heart attack.

Not only did Eric get Paul Brittenham to the emergency
room in time to save his life, he also stayed with him
until Paul's wife arrived.

I'm sure that Eric had no idea how instrumental he
would be in the life of another when he woke up that morning!
How truly amazing to be in a position of truly helping
someone in trouble.

Life Happens and miracles too!

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