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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Shark Week 2016

If this is your thing.........
The Discovery Channel kicked off Shark Week last night.
Every year before summer the shark movies start to hit!
Kicking the fear factor in high gear................but
Let's look at the facts for the year 2015
59 people were attacked by sharks in the United States.
30 of those attacks took place in Florida.
There was one death, although many of the attacks
caused severe injuries.

I tend to go with the theory of why put myself
in harm's way to begin with!  Well that and
the movie Jaws had a lasting lifetime impact!
If you're on the road trying to make it home
in time to catch your favorite shark movie
and find yourself having car trouble.........
give us a call.  
We offer
24/7 emergency road service 
 to get you home!
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