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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Move Over: It's Getting Personal

This post is from March 2015.........have things really changed all that much?

There is a Move Over Law in place in the State of Maryland
and Pennsylvania and across the country as well.
This law states if you see a tow truck driver on the shoulder, 
you must move into an open lane away from the tow truck 
or slow down to a safe speed.

This is the same law protecting first responders; police, 
emergency vehicles and now tow trucks.

It's Getting Personal
One of our workers was called out on a late night
emergency call along the shoulder of a busy highway.
He had a close call when a driver did not move over,
nearly side swiping him and his truck.........too close, as far as we're concerned.

Tow Truck Companies are considered FIRST RESPONDERS and
therefore need to be treated like any other emergency
vehicle and you need to respond appropriately - MOVE OVER.

Let's keep it safe for 
Tow Truck Operators

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