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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Vehicle Starter Disable Device

I had no idea these vehicle starter disable devices have been around
for a few years.  Just this morning I heard something on the news about
them........a mother trying to get her child to the emergency room and her car
wouldn't start, seems (without her knowledge) a vehicle starter disable device
was activated in her car. The loan company, the bank - someone decided that
this woman was too high of a credit risk.  No pay, No starter.

.........and how the heck is this legal?  Really, the hairs are standing up
on my neck.  

 Article from Autoblog

Personally I would rather the Bank/Car Loan Company NOT give me
a car loan then to have my rights subjected to their whims.  

I wonder if you blindly sign a document stating they can do this if
you don't pay your bill?  If there was a CHOICE, I would choose NO.

Wow is all I can say...........

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