George's Customs Towing

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Customer Testimonial

Dear George & George's Customs Towing,

Blazenlady and I want to formally thank-you for our rescue on Sunday, Oct. 19th.  
What a blessing it was to have your truck/roll back pull up behind me 
during my breakdown.  I don't know exactly how long it might have taken 
for dispatch at Hagerty Plus to get a vehicle on the scene, but you and 
your rollback were exactly what was needed to get the job done.  
I am so thankful that Hagerty's worked with you to allow you and 
your fantastic truck to get me to my mechanic's garage.  
You did a top-notch job and I was very impressed with 
your equipment and your willingness to help.  
I take much pride in my 1967 Chevelle SuperSport and I would 
not have just left anyone help me get her off the roadway.  
Her repair was an easy fix as a few bolts had backed 
out of the shifter at the transmission which kept her from 
going into gear.  You are first class all the way! 


Blazenlady & Sharon Wishard
Felton, PA

We're there when you need us most.

George's Custom Towing
Whiteford, MD