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Monday, October 27, 2014

Making Sense of Scents!

Oh, we're in the quick of it now!  Spicy scents of the season
making us feel all warm and fuzzy!

Oh, but they do so much more............and here's some tid-bits for you
to ponder this Halloween week.

The smell of Vanilla helps to calm insomnia.
Sniff Sandalwood to speed wound healing.
A whiff of cinnamon sends frustrations packing!
Sniff Apples to lower your blood pressure.
The smell of pumpkin pie ignites more passion!
Sniff Cedarwood to feel more focused.

Well, since it's Halloween week I was going to do
an article about creepy crawlie critters.  You know spiders,
snakes, bees, ticks and ants.........ok, so they're not so cuddly,
but they do have important jobs in nature.

Did you know that humming birds use spider webs to build their nests?

Snakes help to keep the rodent population in control, if you really can't tolerate them
you can create a barrier around your home using sulphur.

There's not one nice thing we can say about ticks!  
Although I do know a trick to get them off you or your pet!
Put cooking oil on a paper towel and on top of the tick..........oh, it
will come out immediately!

You know, creepy crawlies are not as bad as people make them out to be
they're just doing their jobs out in nature.

Keep it safe in Zombie Land this week.

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Whiteford, MD