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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Eat your Broccoli!

We've all heard of SAD - seasonal affective disorder.  
It's real and especially during the fall/winter months.

Take action now to prevent winter blues.

Broccoli boosts your mood!
Eat 3 cups of broccoli during the week to 
help even out your moods.
It's the antioxidants found in broccoli that
nourish brain cells, increasing their 
production of feel good beta waves.

Yoga for increased endorphins!
Happiness boosting endorphins!
20 minutes per day will slash your risk of 
the blues in half.

Avocados -the natural antidepressant!
So have a little guacomole........

Use fragrant soaps for a 
quick happy booster!

George says take care of yourself and be
sure to eat your broccoli!

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