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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tumbling Gas Prices

Have you noticed the tumbling gas prices?

Over the summer months gas was running at $3.60 gallon and
now down to $3.00!  Enjoy it while you can.

You can use a service like Gas Buddy when you're on the road traveling.
Gas prices are updated daily by city, state or zip code nationwide.

We're enjoying the reprieve, hope you are too!

We're just full of tips this week to make your life easier. 

 Switching gears a little and did you hear about the Best Beer Towns?
(well gas and beer do kind of go along together as a topic....)

Grand Rapids, MI
Asheville, NC
Bend, Ore
Fort Collins, Co
San Diego
Portland, Maine
Portland, Ore
Burlington, Vt

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Whiteford, MD