George's Customs Towing

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Morning has broken

.........and I'm having car trouble.

What does it mean when your Hyundai starts acting
like a mac truck?

Remember the TV commercial where people describe to the
mechanic the sounds their car is making, well mine was
making a grinding, swooshing sound.

The big tell tale sign is that I could barely turn the wheel................
kind of like a mac truck.

Well off to Jiffy Lube I go, to top off my fluids.  I tell the guy "I think I need
power steering fluid"..................Oh yes!  Seems the hose to the
power steering is leaking. A new hose cost $225.00!

Well for now I'll just keep filling the fluid up, 
although I know I don't have too long to play with this and
can foresee having to call a tow truck in my future
if I don't handle this.

So, I'll be calling:

George's Custom Towing
Whiteford, MD

They're the best!